One of the most used wallets is Trust Wallet. It is advisable to be accredited here. The big advantage is, if you have met the admission criteria here, your token will be displayed with the logo. Besides Trust Wallet itself, your logo will also appear on: 

  • Bscscan
  • Poocoin

 Thus, you can clearly distinguish yourself from other projects and increase the recognition value of your work. Moreover, this is a clear added value for your holders and potential investors.

 Requirements for joining Trust Wallet:

  • GitHub account
  • At least 15000 transactions (we can help you reaching this amount)
  • At least 10000 holders (we can help you reaching this amount)
  • Must not be recognizable as an airdrop
  • 5 BnB (paid directly to Trust Wallet, only in case of successful pull request and confirmation by Trust wallet on GitHub). 

Costs for this have to be discussed individually, as it depends on the development status of your project, which work still has to be completed to achieve a successful PR at TW.


Listing FEE is 500$ 

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