Token Circulation Supply: How to Update? Why Is It Important?
Discover what’s the circulation supply of your token. What advantages can a high circulation supply bring to your project. Find a full guide on how to improve your token circulating supply.

Circulation Supply
If you’re the owner or CEO of a blockchain startup, you should take care of your token circulation supply. But what is the token circulating supply? Why is it so important? How to change the circulation supply of your cryptocurrency on Coingecko? This article explains everything.

  • What is the circulation supply?

    In simple words, a Circulating supply is the free float of your project’s cryptocurrency. Another definition is the number of your project’s tokens that people can buy and sell on exchanges’ spot markets right now.

  • What is the circulation supply formula?

    Simultaneously, the Circulating supply formula can vary depending on the tokenomics of a project. In general, there are two types of tokenomics. The first is when a company creates a fixed amount of tokens. The second one is when a company issues coins whose total supply can vary in the future.

    90% of projects issue a strict amount of tokens without any possibility to generate new coins in the future. In that case, the Circulation supply formula is as follow:

    Circulating supply = Total Supply - Team & foundres' tokens - Treasury tokens - Locked tokens
    Important to note that potential token-buyers prefer to have coins whose price will not be affected by additional token supply.

    The second type is when a project creates mintable cryptocurrency. So, the total supply might be increasing or decreasing in the future due to the smart contract conditions. In this case, the Circulation supply formula is quite simple:

    Circulating supply = Total Supply

  • Why is circulation supply so important?

    It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the circulation supply. It affects the market capitalization of your project and rank on coin trackers. A high rank on trackers, in turn, automatically attracts potential buyers, users, and partners into your project. Moreover, a high circulation supply inspires current and future token-holders to keep your cryptocurrency.

    It’s important to note that the circulating supply only works when trackers display it. So it doesn’t matter what you state on your project website about total and circulation supply.

  • How to improve market cap with circulating supply?

    Obviously, to increase your cryptocurrency market capitalization, you should increase its circulating supply reported by trackers if your token price is stable then, the higher your token’s circulating supply, the bigger its market capitalization.

  • How to increase the rank of my cryptocurrency?

    There are many ways to increase the rank of your cryptocurrency. But, the most efficient way is to increase your circulation supply. Look at the list of coins on Coingecko. As you see, the higher the market cap (token circulating supply x price), the higher the rank of a coin. Therefore, to move up your token’s position, first, you should take care of its circulating supply.

    Moreover, with your coin’s rank increasing, more and more people will be noticing your project. It will increase your website’s organic traffic, the number of new token buyers and users.

  • Does circulation supply inspire token buyers?

    In addition to the above, a high circulation supply inspires token holders and potential buyers. Why? It’s straightforward. Investors prefer to have cryptocurrency which price will not be affected by a suddenly increased supply. So, a priory, cryptocurrencies with a high percentage of circulating emissions are more attractive for buyers.

    If you have just added your token on Coingecko, then it appears in the Recently Added Coins List. Now, imagine you’re an investor and ask yourself: “what line would I click to learn more about the project – a line with a question mark or a line that states a market cap”? The answer is obvious. So, don’t lose a chance to get free traffic and buyers – update your token’s circulation supply (CS) as soon as possible. Read the next paragraph to know how to update CS for your cryptocurrency.

  • How can I change the token circulating supply on CoinGecko?

    The process of updating your token’s circulation supply has three stages and can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t know how to fill the form (step 1). So if you don’t have time or enough experience, reach our team at [email protected] so that we could help. Otherwise, perform the following steps by yourself.

    1st Step: Preparing Token Distribution Details
    Remember that this is an essential step. So, if you don’t know how to fill it correctly, ask for help here [email protected]. During this stage, you need to create the table in a required format, fill it with information and get a sharable (public) link.

    By using your project’s official email address, create a copy of this template in google docs.


  • How to add a cryptoasset / Token to Blockspot.io?


    How to Add Token to Blockspot: Ultimate Guide
    List your crypto asset on Blockspot’s tracking-data platform. No need to pay for that.
    Get a step-by-step guide to making your coin visible to 100K real users every month.

    How to Add Token to Blockspot: Ultimate Guide
    Meet another long-working cryptocurrency tracker that can list your Token for free.
    Discover the Blockspot. It’s a blockchain data platform that works since 2018.
    Thanks to the honestly generated traffic, it contains 12000 coins from 1100 exchanges.
    Moreover, it constantly adds new wallets, altcoins, and crypto companies. So,
    find all the details below for adding your asset to Blockspot’s list of cryptocurrencies.

    Link: https://blockspot.io/coin/vektor-group/

    What’s the Blockspot?
    The Blockspot is an informative platform dedicated to blockchain technology and companies.
    Moreover, the developers founded it in 2018 and constantly released improvements.
    So, as for now, this tracker has become one of the biggest Blockchain Data Platforms.
    Why? Because it attracts 80-130K visitors monthly. Also, its data is available to retail and
    institutional investors via a user-friendly interface. As a result, the website
    supports over 12000 coins, 1100 exchanges, 150 wallets, and 50 Blockchain companies.

    Also, due to the Similarweb, the Blockspot’s had 76.5K to 122.1K visitors for the last three months.
    Is it good traffic? Yes. That’s a high organic traffic.

    The primary advantage of Blockspot is scalability. Firstly, it shows cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
    Secondly, the platform allows adding crypto wallets. Moreover, users can add non-tokenized blockchain
    ompanies. As a result, this tracking portal can gain more traffic in the long run. So,
    appear on Blockspot’s list of crypto-assets. Therefore, all markets for your altcoin
    will be visible in one table (see an example below).

    How to add Token?
    To add the currency to Blockspot’s list, perform two actions. Firstly, ensure that Blockspot supports
    an exchange where your Token is tradable. Secondly, submit a request, as explained below.

    1. Got To Blockspot.io

    can use this Link:
    Link: https://blockspot.io/coin/vektor-group/

    scroll all the way down and click submit a coin.
    The form that then opens must be filled out completely.

    You will then receive a confirmation.
    If everything has been done properly and completely,
    you will usually receive a listing after 24 to 72 hours.
    If you still do not receive a message, please feel free to contact us.
    We will then help further.

  • How to List your Token / Coin at Livecoinwatch.com?

    How to Add Token to Livecoinwatch Coin Tracker

    Complete a new achievement of success for your crypto asset at no cost and quickly.
    Get step-by-step instructions for adding a token to the Livecoinwatch cryptocurrency tracker.

    If you’re regularly asking yourself, “How can I improve my token for free?” or
    “How can I grow my crypto business today?” then this is the article for you.
    Today, you’ll learn about the Livecoinwatch’s advantages and how it helps to
    grow your token awareness for free. Also, you’ll get insights on how to add
    the token to Livecoinwatch at no cost. Spoiler: adding a coin to Livecoinwatch’s
    list of crypto assets is very fast and straightforward.

    link: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/VEKTOR-VEKTOR

    What’s the Livecoinwatch?
    The Livecoinwatch is a coin tracker that shows live coin prices, charts, and
    crypto market capitalizations for over 10703 cryptocurrencies tradable on 338 exchanges
    (including Tokpie exchange). Moreover, it has valuable features and good Traffic, as explained below.

    Also, the tracker’s API can output over eight years of price history,
    while other leading trackers show only two years of history for ordinary altcoins.
    Also, users can sort crypto-assets by Trending Coins,
    Newest Cryptocurrencies, and Biggest Winners/Losers.

    Besides, the tracker has substantial Traffic due to Alexa.
    So, it has over 5.5M visitors per month, and that number is growing due to the similar web
    (image below). Although it has 5-times lower Traffic than Coingecko has,
    having a token on Livecoinwatch makes sense because it’s easy to appear there.

    A token Rank on Livecoinwatch depends on the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency.
    The system calculates it by multiplying the volume-weighted average price by its circulating supply. Important to note that a crypto-asset must be tradable on two exchanges and have three markets to get the rank.

    How to add a token to Livecoinwatch?
    Listing a token on Livecoinwatch takes a few minutes.
    But before filling the form, check in the searching bar:
    it might be your coin is already there. If it’s not, then follow the steps stated below:

    scroll all the way down and click request a coin.
    The form that then opens must be filled out completely.

    You will then receive a confirmation.
    If everything has been done properly and completely,
    you will usually receive a listing after 24 to 72 hours.
    If you still do not receive a message, please feel free to contact us.
    We will then help further.

  • Ultimate Guide on How to Add Token into Coincodex

    What’s the Coincodex?

    The CoinCodex is the cryptocurrency tracker that aims to be the window into the world of coins and tokens.

    Also, it’s collecting real-time prices and historical charts from more than

    300 exchanges and for over 7,000 coins. Moreover, users can create a watchlist for favorite crypto assets.

    Also, the tracker is mobile compatible and has app versions (for Android and iOs). Finally, thanks to the Portfolio feature, any person can make personalized traction.

    Therefore, using a portfolio, a person can monitor which of his crypto investments performs

    the best in real-time and compare it with other crypto holdings. So, the crypto portfolio is a

    mighty instrument that allows users easy cryptocurrency tracking in one place.

    Link: https://coincodex.com/crypto/vektor-group/

    Learn more about the Coincodex cryptocurrency tracker.

    Also, find a guide on adding your token into Coincodex’s list of assets at no cost.

    How to add token into Coincodex?

    Please find an ultimate guide on how to add a token to the Coincodex below. Note that adding crypto assets is free.

    1. Check Exchange

    To add the coin into the Coincodex, the first that you should do is to find an exchange.

    So, check that Coincodex supports the Exchange that lists your token.

    Enter the name of the Exchange into the searching bar (image below).

    If the exchange’s name is there, proceed with the 2nd step.

    So if your altcoin is tradable on Exchange, you can quickly get listed on the Coincodex tracker.

    scroll all the way down and click request form.

    The form that then opens must be filled out completely.

    direkt Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfminwB4C4Dd1GQbD86q3H4lL7MIONonZ-anMFg6SJoaq86Gg/viewform

    2. Fill in the Coincodex’s form

    Adding tokens to Coincodex’s list of assets requires filling the form.

    So, open Coincodex’s request form. Then fill it due to the step-by-step instructions.


    Enter your project’s email.

    Write your coin name.

    Enter your coin’s symbol (ticker).

    Insert the link to your token’s logo. Note that the logo must be 200×200 pixels and in png format.

    we recommend Link: https://postimg.cc/ (use the Link with ending .png!)


    Enter a short description of your project.

    Place the link to your project’s website.

    Insert the whitepaper’s link; if you don’t have WP, then put a link to your project’s FAQ section.

    Enter your token’s market pair(s). For example,

    VEKTOR (VEKTOR/USDT): https://bankcex.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=VEKTOR_USDT

    VEKTOR (VEKTOR/USDT): https://vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=VEKTOR_USDT

    Note that the Exchange (s) must be in Coincodex’s list. Check it by searching an exchange on the search bar (screenshot above).

    Insert the total token supply.


    Enter the API URL that shows the total token supply in real-time.

    If your token runs on the Binance blockchain, replace the contract address with your token’s address in that link: https://api.bscscan.com/api?module=stats&action=tokensupply&contractaddress=0xf2da079867785018e6d823dd0ff332f05aafe485&apikey=FKH6ANKDA1YX4W4U96V7NNUPK8KZ2TIVWV

    Insert circulating supply. The best decision is to enter a 100% circulation supply that usually equals the total token supply.

    In the “Circulating Supply API – enter URL” field, place the same link that you used in the Total Supply API field.

    Enter your ICO price. If you did not make ICO/IEO, insert the initial token price you had on the listing date.

    Select the release date that is the day when you made the first transaction with your crypto asset.

    Enter the platform name. For example, it can be Etherscan.

    Check the box (or boxes) with your token’s standard.

    For instance, it can be ERC20. However, you can select more than one standard.

    It’s beneficial when your token runs on both networks like BEP20 and ERC20.

    Click on the Next button


    On the next page, enter the links to the project’s social channels.

    Although that is not a strict requirement, it’s better to enter as many links as possible.

    For example, you may enter Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Github.

    Enter the link to your token address in the Explorer field.

    Fill in the last field – “Other.” Enter the links to your project’s social channels that you might have but could not include in previous steps.

    Click on the Submit button.

    That’s it.

    So, if you want to stay in the crypto business for a long time, use every option to promote your token.

    Do it, especially when that option is free of charge. Therefore, don’t wait. Fill in Coincodex’s form now.

    As a result, your altcoin appears in one more tracker. Always increase awareness. It’s never too much.

  • TOP Token Voting Platforms with Free Listing

    Discover the best sites where people could notice your project’s cryptocurrency and vote for it.

    Moreover, you can add your token on these platforms in minutes, at no cost, and without any hassle.

    If you operate a crypto startup and want to promote your token for free, this article is for you.

    So, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find top token voting platforms that allow you to stand

    out from other cryptocurrencies in the world of blockchain. Moreover, you could compare all crypto coin voting platforms by traffic, supported chains, and other conditions. Besides, you’ll learn about their pros and cons.

    What’s the token voting platform?

    A typical token voting platform is a website that sorts listed cryptocurrencies by the number of votes.

    Such a simple model allows different counterparties to reach their goals.

    So, websites get more ads sales by generating traffic from coming and voting people.

    Simultaneously, projects can gain attention from the passionate crypto communities by adding their coins for free on these token voting platforms. Finally, people could detect and invest in the most promising cryptocurrencies before these assets appear on leading trackers such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

    Traffic analysis

    One essential parameter that allows a startup to select token voting platforms for its token is traffic.

    Therefore, compare top voting platforms by their domain power due to Ahrefs and traffic rank due to Alexa.

    So, the two tables below sort all platforms by their Alexa Traffic Rank and by domain power.

    Note that the sites with lower ranks attract more visitors.


    Simultaneously, sites with higher domain power have more organic references from third-party web resources.

    To summarize, we suggest you select sites that have the lowest Alexa rank and highest domain power.

    But, of course, if you have enough time, then just add your token to all voting platforms.


    Supported blockchains

    Another vital aspect is the type of the coin’s network.

    So, the following table sorts the voting platforms by supported blockchains.

    For example, if your startup’s token is ERC20 or BEP20, running on Ethereum (ERC) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you can add your coin to almost all these voting platforms. However, if your asset operates on Solana, then only a few platforms could accept your token.


    Registration requirements

    Also, as you can check in the table below, some coin voting platforms require visitors to register.

    It means that visitors can vote for your token only after signing up.

    From one point of view, this is a reasonable requirement that helps to prevent voting through bots.

    But, from another point of view, many ordinary people don’t like any registration procedures, so they will not be voting.


    Overview top ten by VEKTOR:


    The CoinSniper allows users to find the best new cryptocurrency projects.

    Also, users can vote for favorite coins and see what’s trending.

    You can add your project’s coin by filing a short form here.



    After being added to Coinsniper, you could also get a free Crypto Price Bot in your telegram group.

    At that moment, the platform supports altcoins that run on four chains:

    Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Tron (TRX).


    Although Coinsniper is one of the most popular tools for coins voting, it has one drawback.

    A person must sign up and log in to Coinsniper’s platform to vote for a favorite crypto asset.

    As a result, some people could refuse to upvote.


    Coinhunt’s platform aims to become a place where users can find the next big crypto coin.

    Also, after appearing on this website, people could see your locking liquidity.

    So, submitting crypto-asset to the Coinhunt should be thoroughly considered by some projects that don’t lock liquidity.



    Thanks to the relatively tight requirements, destructive projects avoid Coin hunts.

    Why? Because the platform requires upcoming projects for the following:

    valid contract address, working website with the contract address, locked liquidity, and reasonable holding of supply. You will be surprised, but many low-quality projects could not pass it.

    And that’s good. Moreover, the Coinhunt supports tokens working on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Solana blockchains.


    Because of the registration requirements, some visitors could skip signing up and voting on the Coinhunt.


    CoinAlpha provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market.

    Also, the site shows altcoins, coins, and tokens’ prices as well as their market capitalizations.



    Additionally to voting, CoinAlpha’s users can leave comments for any listed assets.

    Moreover, this site supports all popular blockchains:

    BSC, ETH, Polygon Smart Chain (Matic), Solana Smart Chain (SOL), Enjin Smart Chain (ENJ), EOS Smart Chain (EOS), Ontology Smart Chain (ONT), Tron Smart Chain (TRX), Near Smart Chain (NEAR), Fantom Smart Chain (FTM), Kucoin Smart Chain (KCC), Draken Smart Chain (DRK), and Arbitrum Smart Chain (ARB).


    Although CoinAlpha’s app supports one of the most extensive sets of available networks, users and projects must register to be able to vote and add coins.

    Watcher Guru

    Watcher Guru gives users unparalleled coverage of automated cryptocurrency whale tracking in real-time.

    Also, it has a straightforward coin listing process and voting without registration.



    One of the most significant advantages of this platform is the easiness of adding new assets.

    Moreover, people can vote after passing a captcha. So, there is no requirement to sign up.


    Currently, the Watcher Guru supports only BEP20 tokens.

    So, you could not add ERC20 altcoin, for example.


    Gemfinder wants to be the best place to find new crypto Gems.

    As on the other voting platforms, users can find community-based coin listings based on votes.



    Like a CoinMooner, the Gemfinder allows visitors to vote by passing a captcha.

    Apart from all, that’s very convenient for ordinary users.


    A project that wants to list its asset has to register with the email.

    Also, Gemfinder supports only two types of blockchains: BSC and Ethereum.

    However, 90% of newly issued cryptocurrencies run on these two networks.


    The CoinMooner provides users with DeFi Gems, Community-based ratings.

    Also, a visitor can find the best trending crypto coins and active airdrops there.



    A person shall pass the most uncomplicated one-click captcha to vote for the favorite asset.

    Moreover, he can do it one time every 24 hours. Also, startups don’t need to sign up to add their cryptocurrencies. Besides, the site supports the eight most usable blockchains, including Kucoin Community Chain (KCC), Harmony, Avalanche, and Solana Smart Chain (SOL).


    The ability to vote without registration brings many bots that boost the rank of some coins to the sky. As a result, it’s hard to move up a newly added project.


    The CoinHunters aims to become the world’s best crypto voting and market cap tracking platform for new altcoins. Also, it allows finding the next 100x DeFi, NFT, Meme, and community coins. Simultaneously, startups can add assets built on six popular chains: BSC, ETH, Polygon, Solana, Tron, and Avalanche.



    The site maintains a black list of cryptocurrencies that can be a beneficial tool for newbies.


    The upvoting process requires passing a complicated captcha. Also, the Coinhunters site has a complex and lengthy process of adding new coins.


    Freshcoins aims to be the place where users can find the next big crypto coin.



    Freshcoins’s fast and straightforward upvoting mechanics attracts many users. Users can use the Portfolio feature to track their assets


    Projects must sign up for adding their tokens. Also, Freshcoins maintains only two networks.


    Apart from other similar platforms, the RugFreeCoins has just started to work.



    Low number of assets in the list. Therefore, it’s easy to make your coin more visible on that website.


    However, a project must register to add its coin.

    Also, the RugFreeCoins allows adding only ERC20 and BEP20 tokens.


    CoinXHigh is positioning as the world’s first and most prominent community-based platform for listing and voting cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this app supports 36 different networks – even some exotic chains, such as Celo and Moon River.



    Anyone can thump up for any coin on CoinXHigh without registration and captcha. But, if someone wants to write a review, he needs to sign up. Simultaneously, CoinXHigh maintains 36 different networks: Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, Huobi, Fantom, OKEx, Tomo, Algorand, Icon, Xumchain, Bitcichain, Terra, Vexanium, Kucoin, Wanchain, Subscan, Waves, Ovato, xDai, ViewBlock, Stellar, Harmony, Apollo, NEO, Cricket, Near, EOS, Thought, Celo, Arbiscan, Moon River, Tezos, and Solana Smart Chain (SOL).


    The main disadvantage of CoinXHigh is the requirement to register to be able to add new coins. Besides, a project’s representative will have to fill many fields before making its token visible on the app.

  • Earn BNB by Liking: VEKTOR on Redwaif

    Discover the social media for crypto. Sign up RedWaif’s platform, follow Tokpie’s account and start thumbing up ? to get profit regularly.

    Join a super-easy airdrop that allows you to earn BNB every day. Enjoy getting fast money without reports and spreadsheets. Get the rewards, convertible to Binance Coin, for every single action. To start, sign up RedWaif and follow the VEKTOR mentoring profile. Everything works like on Twitter. If you still don’t understand what to do. Find a step-by-step guide below.

    How to earn BNB?
    Follow the simple steps below to start earning BNB (Binance Coins) each day.

    • Register Redwaif social platform.
    • Open Tokpie’s profile and press “Follow” (screenshot below).
    • Then scroll down the timeline here and start liking, commenting, and reacting on every post, like on Twitter.
    • Immediately after each action, you see your growing points on the balance page.
    • Withdraw the Waifer’s earnings and convert them to BNB.

    Click on the Follow button.


    The more posts you Like and comment the higher the reward.

    What’s the reward size?
    Every single action that you perform gives money. Look at the table below to understand the reward size.

    How to cash out?
    So, you earn WAIFER tokens (highly liquid on Pancake) for each like, post, comment, and referring. There are two options to cash out the Waifers. Once you have earned 500 coins, open this page and withdraw tokens to your BEP20 address for selling on PancakeSwap. Alternatively, you can withdraw directly to your Tokpie exchange account: Sign up Tokpie, generate Waifer’s address here and enter it on RedWaif (image below). After withdrawal, sell altcoins on Waifer/BNB market.

    Are there any requirements?
    There are no KYC and any requirements. You only need a personal email for registration and a BEP20 address to withdraw the coins. That’s it.

  • How to Add Token to Coincost: Ultimate Guide

    Make your crypto asset visible on 1M-traffic portal that tracks cryptocurrencies since 2017. Get a guide on adding your coin to Coincost’s tracking website.

    What’s the Coincost?



    1. Check crypto exchange

    2. Submit the form

  • How to Add Token to DigitalCoinPrice: Ultimate Guide

    What’s the DigitalCoinPrice?

    Compare coins

    Gainer and losers

    Price Forecast

    Additional features


    How to add Token

    1. Check crypto exchange

    2. Send an email

  • How to Add Token to Coindataflow: Ultimate Guide

    Get CEX and DEX markets in the all-in-one tracker, including your token’s small pairs on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. No need to pay for that. Send an email to get listed and enjoy the free promotion.

    What’s the Coindataflow?

    Unique Feature


    How to add the token to Coindataflow?

    1. Check cryptocurrency exchanges

    2. Send an email

    How fast will the coin get listed on Coindataflow?

  • How to Add Token to CoinCheckup: Ultimate Guide

    What’s the Coincheckup?

    Unique Features

    • Team strength that includes public profiles, achievements, leadership, and diversification.
    • Product strength that includes but is not limited to activities on GitHub for the open-source startups.
    • The power of the asset consists of the type of blockchain and the utility of the coin.
    • The strength of the business contains web traffic and company incorporation.
    • Size of the community behind.
    • Activity on different social media channels.


    How to add a token to Coincheckup?

    Submit the form

    What’s the waiting time to get the token listed on Coincheckup?

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