Listing at Tracking Sites

Listing at Tracking Sites

Listing at Tracking Sites

Wouldn’t it be a wrong idea to list your Token on as many coin trackers as possible?
Of course not. Every blockchain startup needs to bring in new visitors, users, and investors.
And the most efficient way to attract people is to list your Token on every tracker.
Apart from CMC and CoinGecko, there are many other popular tracking recourses such as

Basically, listing on all these sites is free.
However, it is sometimes very time-consuming and not entirely easy to understand
how the listing process is to be initialized here.

we have two Blogs here to our FAQ page where you can get step by step instructions
on how to get your project listed on and

if you have all the relevant information and are following the steps fully,
your project should be listed there within the next 24 to 72 hours.

Our full listing service includes listing your project on all of the tracking sites listed above.

As already described, it is free to register your project on these sites,
but you will quickly notice that either information is called up that is not available
or you cannot find the listing form at all. It also happens very often that
you have filled out everything but still do not appear. There are a multitude
of K.O. criteria that make the process difficult.

based on our many years of experience, our team can set this up for you quickly and easily.
Depending on the progress of the project, all or just a part can be activated.
For the high-quality tracking sites, an API, an endpoint and a tracked exchange
are necessary to get a complete display.

Please fill out the form completely and honestly.

We will then contact you via Telegram and tell you which listings we can realize
and what information may still be available.

Listing Service without an Exchange

- nomics
- livecoinwatch
- blockspot
- geckoterminal
- eclipsecharts
- dappradar
- coinpaprika
- the bittimes
- icoholder

Total Price 400$ in BUSD

Listing Service wit an Exchange

- include all without an Exchange
- coinranking
- worldcoinindex
- coincodex
- coincheckup
- coincost
- coindataflow
- digitalcoinprice
- coinrate
- coincarp
- coinmarketdo

Total Price 950$ in BUSD

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