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Would you like to have your project listed on a crypto exchange?
We can support you with our network.

There are a variety of exchanges with different characteristics and properties.

 It starts with the pairs, which you can book for your project, but also entire packages many more options...

- Market maker function
- Sweepstakes
- Trading Contest
- Automatic purchase functions
- Bot trading

and much more!

 The budget is of course crucial.

 Here is a price overview of what you can expect with our service:
 BitMart 60k-70k USDT
Indodax 60k -80k
 Bittrex 90k-120k
 HitBTC 90k USDT
Gate io 100k-200k USDT in token
Bithumb Global 65k USDT + 25k USDT in token
MXC 70k USDT +40k usdt in token
CoinEX 50k USDT
Bigone 50k usdt
LBank 40k USDT
Digifinex 20k USDT
XT 15k-40k USDT
Hotbit fee 30k USDT
stex fee 0.4btc
hoo 15k usdt + 15k usdt in token
Bilaxy 3 ETH + 3 ETH in token
Probit 25k-50k Biki 30k USDT
Dcoin 15k USDT
ChainX 15k USDT
WhiteBIT 30k usdt + 20 k usdt in token
Cointiger 15k USDT
Bibox 20k USDT
Bitforex 25k USDT
Latoken 15k USDT
p2pb2b 10k USDT
Coinsbit 8k -21k USDT
Exmarket 0.3 btc
Dex-Trade 4000 USDT
Catex 5000 USDT
Finexbox 3500USDT

Important, you do not pay us here!
These amounts are approximate and still variable depending on your listing request.

 We only establish real contact with the listing managers of the exchanges.
 Accompany you on the way to the complete listing.
 Only a brokerage fee applies here.

up to 25K listing fee = $500 in BUSD
from 25K listing fee = $1000 in BUSD

You save many times over this amount if you go through the listing process with us.
You have the advantage of being connected directly to the right contact person.
Here you will receive a proper and comprehensive verification of the official persons.
You can also access our conditions and an average benefit get a discount of 20% to 25%.

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