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The crypto mentoring group

  • Who?

    We are an international team consisting of investors, programmers, engineers, founders, project managers and crypto enthusiasts. We are not only invested, but have also realized and successfully established many projects ourselves. Due to our network, we are personally very well connected with many partners and decision makers in the whole field. 

  • Why?

    There are many promising projects and committed founders, but at least as many hurdles and resistance. Fraudsters and envious people are equally outnumbered. That's why it is absolutely crucial, especially in the early stages, to follow the right paths and work through the project goals within the framework of the roadmap in order to generate the corresponding success.

    Even the smallest questions and challenges can lead to frustration for the development team, but also scare off potential investors, since no clear direction and delimitation can be identified. These fragile sequences and processes that build on each other must be 100% coherent and kept comprehensible and transparent. 

    Every project follows the same parameters over and over again, which have to be adjusted to the individuality. This is where Vektor's service comes into play.

  • What exactly do we do?

    Depending on the phase your project is in, you can get a free feedback from our team about your development status and current success. Standard parameters are checked and compared with our algorithm. Here your project will receive a score. But also a personal message from one of our mentors with some tips and suggestions, what would still be useful or round off the current state. Click here for the free application form.

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Our packages include a variety of services depending on the development phase of your project. Basically we accompany you for a certain period of time. Here an actual state is determined (always the free check). Depending on the score we suggest you a starting package.


These work as follows:

Ø  Check of the actual state

Ø  Collection of information

Ø  Definition of the target value after successful mentoring

Ø  Determination of milestones

Ø  Listing of the expected process costs

Ø  Joint execution of the defined roadmap

Ø  Revolving success review

Ø  Conclusion

It is important that we accompany you during this entire package time and are available as a contact person. For this purpose, we will open a private Telegram group with you and conduct all necessary questions, coordination and correspondence here. After successful completion, this will be completely deleted by us.

What will the service cost me?

Basically, our prices are non-negotiable.

Same service and same performance for all

Half is always paid and the other half when the project is completed to the satisfaction of both parties.

Accepted Cryptos


OUR Services

We take care of your currency Creation
  • Free Package

    Here we will check the current status of your Project (a Free Check). Depending on the Data you enter, a package will be recommended with in 48 hrs!.

    Price:  Free

    Check Now

  • Cupper Package

    (total cost 200$ / down payment 100$ - completion 100$ )

    The project is not yet realized or the coin / token are written as source code but not older than 2 to 3 weeks

    • Organization of the programming / check of the source code
    • Evaluation of the quality of the code / or check for adaptation
    • Check stand homepage / support / parameters / what is important
    • Check stand social media / reach / penetration.
    • ICO / IEO / airdrop planning / guidelines.
    • Injecting liquidity

    Buy Now Buy with Vektor and save 25% 

  • Silver Package

    (total cost $400 / down payment $200 - closing $200)
    Project has an environment and default parameters are in place.

    • Expansion of holders and investors
    • Creating marketing campaigns and increasing awareness.
    • Expanding social media opportunities and overall presence.
    • Swapping / DEFI / Pairing
    • Initialization acceptance program
    • Preparation / implementation LQ Locking

    Buy Now Buy with Vektor and save 25%

  • Gold Package

    (Total cost 600$ / Deposit 300$ - Closing 300$)

    Project has more than 1000k Holder / swapping available / Liquidity is supplied

    • Integration of all data and values on the crucial pages
    • SEO / Backend / Tracker / Hosting
    • Development / expansion of liquidity
    • Audit of the project (depending on the budget we can generate better prices here)
    • Use of market algorithms to increase the number of investors
    • Multiplication of the starting price
    • Preparatory measures for listing on the stock exchange

    Buy Now Buy with Vektor and save 25%

  • Platinum Package

    4 (total cost 1000$ / down payment 500$ - closing 500$)

    Project has more than 3000k Holder / at least 10k Liquidity / Audit

    • Selection of the right stock exchange / exchanges
    • Cost reduction by our team in listing process
    • Market Maker (MM) functions through Vector for 2 weeks after listing.
    • Marketing and social media coordination on the leek for the widest possible reach
    • Preparatory measures for the listing application CMC and coingecko

    Buy Now Buy with Vektor and save 25%

  • Diamond Package

    (total cost 2000$ / deposit 1000$ - closing 1000$)

    Project has more than 5000k Holder / at least 25k Liquidity / Exchange is available

    • At least 1 cmc tracked exchange (2 exchanges are ideal).
    • Check daily trading volume
    • MM function to generate 50K volume a day over 2 weeks
    • Listing request cmc and coin gecko by vector
    • Personal initialization by Vektor with the responsible listing manager
    • Preparation of all necessary actions to ensure a perfect launch

    Buy Now Buy with Vektor and save 25%

Note: In the packages is only very superficially described, which services and measures our team will take for your project so-called key facts. Here are of course much more individual points and are then individually coordinated with the respective project and implemented.

You book here only our mentoring and the associated support. In each case, costs such as exchange listing fee, marketing measures, programming effort and one or the other "hand money" to accelerate or initialize a process must be calculated in each case.

Example: Trust Wallet admission costs 5 BNB. This cannot be negotiated and must be paid directly to Trust. Big advantage is your logo appears in the wallet and also on BSC or Ethers can as well as e.g. on Poocoin chart. Thus, you have a much higher reach and better reputation and exclude unnecessary confusion.

We guarantee, if you meet our requirements and implement everything as we tell you and work through and implement the steps on the respective roadmaps, that the respective goals will be realized.

We guarantee that for package 5 the listing at and will be completed if you have worked through all the points with us.

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About Crypto Vektor

We are an international team consisting of investors, programmers, engineers, founders, project managers and crypto enthusiasts.

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