Market Maker Bot

Market Maker Bot (Buy / Sell)

We create a Market Maker Bot for you.


  • Up to 10 wallets
  • Auto buys function
  • Auto sells function

You can take over the control. You will receive a finished product including operating instructions.

Initialization can be done by you or we can initiate the launch.

To get traffic on your token and attract potential sniper bots but also real investors you need a buying frequency on a project. Basically the bot buys more than it sells. The default setting is 10 purchases and 7 sales per hour. This way you always have more buys than sales.

You set the budget based on the current stage of development of the project.


Budget 500$ 

10 purchases for 200$

7 sales 200$

 Cost 600$ per hour plus gas fee

(Advantage, is that the invested 6,00$ are integrated in the liquidity and therefore only represent throughput costs) Real costs are therefore only the Gas Fee's (17 x 0, 40$ = 6$) 

The bot runs as long as the budget lasts or you stop it manually.

 It can also be used well in conjunction with preparing for trust wallet listing or in advance on exchange or cmc / cg listing to generate daily trading volume.

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