Trending Service

Trending Service for your project

12h trending service 900$

24h trending service 1600$

Promote your token on with our search bar trending service and start gaining exposure!

Where is the trending section?

Top 1-5 trending coins are seen inside the search bar and Top 1-10 in the "Showroom".

Trending will happen in 3 cycles: you will trend for 8 hours, then we do a break for a few hours, then you trend again for 8 hours, etc.

You will float between Top 1-5.

we guarantee a place 4 to 5 in the 12-hour trending promotion and a place among the top 3 in the 24-hour event!

As proof, we activate this service every 2 weeks on our project token to generate a proof of work.

Here the link to the VEKTOR token on and here the screenshots of the last actions.

Proof of Work: as per 22-04-2022

We are one of the few providers on the web who can really and 100% guarantee this service.

For longer campaigns please contact us to get a nice discount!

You cannot disclose to the public that you paid for trending service!


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We are an international team consisting of investors, programmers, engineers, founders, project managers and crypto enthusiasts.

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