Circulation Supply Information at CG and CMC

You want your circulating supply on and/or on ceingecko
displayed to increase the reputation of your project?
Then you are exactly right here.

It is a big hurdle to take this step, since the two are tracking here
Sites are extremely careful not to spread false information.

Please fill out this form carefully:

1. Make a copy
2. Enter all relevant information accurately and carefully
3. Send the document URL back to us

We will check this and make corrections if necessary.
After payment is made, we submit the document to the right place.
Please do not submit it yourself! This will not work and will only disrupt the process
or make it unbracubar.

The update takes place within 48 hours after submission.

Coingecko = $1000 BUSD
coinmarcetcap = 1250$BUSD

Get a $250 discount if you take both together

Total cost for CG and CMC = 2000$ BUSD

Important: You absolutely need a working API with an endpoint and a numeric specification.
If you don't already have this, we can program it too.

See link:

Visit our blog for more information on the circulating supply

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